Other apps want to be simple,

and Priv is

You download the app and have access to
three new phone numbers without a SIM card.

  • Many situations

    when you don't want to give out a personal phone number.

    Personal life

    Are you worried about the security of your sensitive information while conducting financial transactions online or consulting with a doctor over the phone? Don’t take any chances – download PRIV. By providing one of our three extra numbers as your contact, you can protect your privacy and ensure that your sensitive information remains secure.


    Anyone can feel anxious in certain Times, overtaken by increased cyber-attacks and data leaks. We never know when we will be forced to share information, confident that no one else will intercept and use it. Secure yourself for the future now – download PRIV.

    Marketing consents

    Receiving more calls from salespeople and bots than your loved ones? There’s a way out. Don’t give out your personal phone number the next time you register online – use an extra Priv number!

    Online sales

    Your worn armchair has caught the attention of many different people on the auction portal… Although it has long been sold – interested buyers are still calling! Having the numbers in the Priv – you can quickly turn off the one that gives you a headache.


    You make a date on the app. The description checks out; the pictures look epic, and everything foreshadows a happy future. However, the reality when you meet in person… turns out to be different… Phew, how good it is that he only has THAT extra Priv number from you.

    Ordering food

    You order food with delivery and are worried that your numer goes to many couriers, including the strange Mr. Bertha… Priv provides you with an additional numer to feel safe and sound.


    Are you responsible for leading strategic projects in your company? Are you concerned about the security of exchanging sensitive information during hybrid work? Don’t worry, installing Priv is the solution. With our app, you can securely share information and collaborate with confidence.

    Many benefits,

    without unnecessary ads, SIM cards, and long-term contracts.

    Committed to protecting your privacy and safety

    We’re not interested in your data – the contents of your calls and messages are encrypted and fully confidential. You are also turn off the generated numbers at any time.


    We guarantee that you won’t find another one like Priv! We are the first and only true provider of virtual phone numbers on the Polish market.

    PRIV, you already know how to use it

    Upon downloading the app, you will receive three randomly generated phone numbers. No SIM cards is required, jus tan internet connection.

    Smooth and flexible

    We don’t belive in locking you into long-term contracts. You have the flexibility to subscribe on a monthly basis and can cancel anytime.

    Many possibilities,

    in 3 plans. Choose the option that suits you best.


    Free for all - check out the messenger with the option to receive SMS and calls

    • receive 1 free number to receive calls and SMS
    • call and send DMs to other Priv users for free
    PLN 0
    Free for all


    Good for starters - check out Priv - sending SMS and making calls

    • use the loyalty program, exchange the points collected in it for calls and text messages
    • call and SMS at a fixed rate of 20 points per minute or SMS
    100 pts.
    Check out for starters


    You pay PLN 9 or 900 points and all of it can be used for calls and SMS to other networks

    • get a plan that combines the advantages of a prepaid and postpaid phone
    • call and send SMS from all 3 numbers at a fixed rate of 10 cents or 10 points per minute or SMS
    • call and send messages to other Priv users free of charge
    PLN 9 | 900 pts.
    Enjoy the full package


    You pay PLN 19 or 1900 points and have unlimited calls and SMS within your subscription

    • get the Unlimited plan and don't worry about the cost
    • Call and send SMS from all 3 numbers unlimited
    • call and send messages to other Priv users free of charge
    PLN 19 | 1900 pts.

    Use Priv
    and get points!

    Using PRIV, you can get points in the loyalty program, and use them to buy subscriptions or make calls and send SMS.

    You get points:
    - receiving calls from the mobile network: for each minute of a call, the user receives 1 loyalty point,
    - receiving SMS messages: for each SMS received, the user receives 1 loyalty point

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